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18 Feb 16Residential Home Prices: 2015 Year-End Market Snapshot
15 Feb 16FNC Index: December Home Prices Up 0.4%
19 Jan 16FNC Index: Home Prices Flat in November
15 Dec 15FNC Index: Home prices slipped 0.1% after a nine-month run
17 Nov 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 1.7% in the Third Quarter
16 Oct 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.2% in August
16 Sep 15FNC Index: Home Prices Cooling off in July
14 Aug 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 3.5% in the Second Quarter
15 Jul 15FNC Index: May Home Prices Up 1.2%
17 Jun 15FNC Index: April prices post largest seasonal gain since 2005
15 May 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.9% in March
16 Apr 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.6% in February -- Key Markets Show Strongest Unseasonable Gains since February 2014
16 Mar 15FNC Index: Home Prices Down 0.3% in January -- Annual Home Price Appreciation at 10-Month Lows and Down to 4%
17 Feb 15FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.1% in December
22 Jan 15FNC Index: Home Prices Flat in November
16 Dec 14FNC Index: Home Prices Down 0.1% in October - Orlando, Riverside, and Las Vegas Show Strong Annual Price Appreciation through 2014
08 Dec 14FNC Report: Larger Homes Show Faster Appreciation than Smaller Homes Over the Past Decade
13 Nov 14FNC Index: Home Prices Decline in September - Bay Area and Los Angeles Metro show greatest price drops
14 Oct 14FNC Index: Home Prices Nationwide Up 0.8%; San Francisco Market Declines for First Time Since 2012 Recovery
25 Sep 14FNC Appraisals Pipeline Report - September 2014
16 Sep 14FNC Index: July Home Prices Up 0.6%
14 Aug 14FNC Index: Home Prices Up 2.3% in the Second Quarter
21 Jul 14FNC Index: Home Prices Pick Up Momentum
16 Jun 14FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.6% in April amid Moderating Annual Rate of Price Appreciation
15 May 14FNC Index: Home Prices Up 1.3% in the First Quarter
14 Apr 14FNC Index: Year-over-Year Growth at Highest since June 2006
13 Mar 14FNC Index: Home Prices of Normal Sales Up 0.4% in January
18 Feb 14FNC Index: Home Prices of Normal Sales Up 0.3% in December, Outperforming Overall Market
15 Jan 14FNC Index: November Home Prices Up Steadily by 0.5%
17 Dec 13FNC Index: October Home Prices Up; Pace Slows
14 Nov 13FNC Index: Home Prices Show Fastest Quarterly Growth Since Recovery Began
15 Oct 13FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.6% in August; Signs of Subsiding Growth Momentum
16 Sep 13FNC Index: Home Prices Continue to Rise, Up 0.7% in July
12 Sep 13FNC Report: Amid Rapid Declines of Foreclosure Rates and Rising Prices, Prospective Trade-Up Buyers are Returning to the Market
15 Aug 13FNC Index: Home Prices Up 0.6% in June; Signs of Sustainable Recovery At Large
15 Jul 13FNC Index: Home Prices Continue to Rise Steadily; Up 0.5% in May
17 Jun 13FNC Index: Rise in Home Prices Picks up in April
15 May 13FNC Index: U.S. Home Prices Up 0.4% in March
15 Apr 13FNC Index: February Home Prices at 28-month High
14 Mar 13FNC Index: January Home Prices Rise 0.3%
18 Feb 13Foreclosure Market Report February 2013
15 Feb 13FNC Index: U.S. Home Prices Hit Two-Year High
15 Jan 13Home Prices Up 0.3% in November; Price Increase Expected to Continue
15 Dec 12Home Prices Up 0.4% in October; Year-Over-Year Growth Acceleration Continues
11 Dec 12Liquidity conditions in the residential for-sale market are generally improving in 2012
16 Nov 12Home Prices Flat in September, but Up 1.8% in Third Quarter
16 Oct 12Home Prices Hit 20-month High; August FNC Index Up 0.3%
17 Sep 12Home Prices Arrive at Major Turning Point; July FNC Index Up 0.9%
24 Aug 12Home Prices Rise for 4th Consecutive Month; June FNC Index Up 1.1%
25 Jul 12Home Prices Continue to Strengthen; FNC Residential Price Index Up 0.8%
10 Jul 12FNC Study: How Local Market Conditions Affect Appraisal Valuations
25 Jun 12Home Prices Continue to Show Seasonal Gain; April FNC Residential Price Index Up 0.6%
23 May 12March FNC Residential Price Index Up 0.5%; Year-to-Year Declines at Five-Year Lows
30 Apr 12The Spring Sales Season Arrived Early in the Chicago Metro Market
25 Apr 12Expecting More Seller Price Concessions? Spring Is Not the Time.
20 Apr 12February Residential Property Values Down 0.8%
02 Apr 12FNC releases Q4 2011 Update of Market Distress and Foreclosure Discount
28 Mar 12January Residential Property Values Drop 0.6%
22 Feb 12December Residential Property Values Decline 0.7%
24 Jan 12While All Eyes on Foreclosures and REOs, the Non-Distressed Market Increases the Pace of Price Markdowns
18 Jan 12November Home Prices Decline 0.4%
21 Dec 11Home Prices Continue to Weaken: Down 0.6% in October
28 Nov 11Home Prices Decrease 0.4% in September
22 Nov 11Foreclosure Price Discount: a Lemons Discount, a Liquidity Discount, or Both?
18 Nov 11Foreclosure Price Discounts and Market Distress
20 Oct 11Home Prices End Recent Seasonal Rebound with 0.8% Decline in August
20 Oct 11Low Appraisal Valuation: Statistical Aberrations or Roadblock to Housing Recovery?
22 Sep 11Home Prices Begin to Lose Momentum; Up 0.1% in July
25 Aug 11June Home Prices Up for Third Straight Month
24 Aug 11How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?
21 Jul 11Home Prices Continue to Rise; May by 0.8 Percent
23 Jun 11April Single-Family Home Prices Up 0.5 Percent
11 Jun 11What Does A Simple Liquidity Measure Tell Us About Today’s Housing Market?
17 May 11March Home Prices Show Improving Trends - Rising 0.1% from February
21 Apr 11At -0.7% RPI Indicates Better-than-Expected February Seasonality in Price Declines
18 Apr 11Foreclosure Price Discounts Quarterly Report
18 Mar 11January Single-Family Home Prices Decline 1.1 Percent — More Price Weakening Expected Going Forward
04 Mar 11Market Value-Based Foreclosure Discount on Foreclosed Properties
04 Mar 11FNC® Study Offers More Precise Foreclosure Data
18 Feb 11FNC Index: December Home Prices Hit Record Low for 2010
16 Feb 11December Single-Family Home Prices Decline 1.5 Percent - Ending the Year with the Largest One-Month Price Decline
21 Jan 11November Single-Family Home Prices Decline 0.5 Percent despite Modest Increases in Home Sales
28 Dec 10Informational Content of Residential Real Estate Appraisals in Distressed Housing Market
21 Dec 10October Single-Family Home Prices Decline 0.9% and Establish New Market Low
24 Nov 10Potential Home Price Risk and the Impact of the First-Time Homebuyer Credit: A Cross-Market Comparison
24 Nov 10U.S. Single-Family Home Prices Decline 0.4 Percent in September, Tax Credit May Have Been More Effective in Some Markets than Others
28 Oct 10First-Time Homebuyer Credit Contributed As Much As 10% in Incremental Price Stabilization
22 Oct 10August Home Prices Continue to Move Lower, Little Reason to Expect Much Upside to Near-Term Home Prices
23 Sep 10From Detroit to Baltimore: Property Values through Boom and Bust
21 Sep 10July Home Prices Moved Lower, Eluding a Sustained Housing Recovery
13 Aug 10FNC Residential Price Index vs Repeat Sales-Based Home Price Index: Revealed Bias and Home Improvement Activities
13 Aug 10FNC Residential Price Index - Indices Moved Higher in Major Metropolitan Cities in May, Extending Gains from March and April
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