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Supporting regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

Whether you originate for Main Street or securitize for Wall Street, you need to know the true value of real estate properties in your portfolio. While never a simple task, calculating property value becomes even more difficult when credit-based cycles spin out of control and the market dives into steep decline. Now more than ever, mortgage experts need help with regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Providing value to lend on

FNC is the solution. Because our pulse is set on market conditions, foreclosure rates, and specific property values, we provide value you can lend on. With thousands of U.S. origination appraisals passing through our clients’ systems, no one understands real-estate collateral better than FNC.

Empowering informed decisions

FNC’s Collateral DNA™ suite of products provides the crucial insight you need to make informed and accurate valuation decisions. Our data and analytic technology puts easily accessible, comprehensive information at your fingertips, helping you identify current market trends and make educated decisions about property values. Determining market clearing prices has never been easier.

Ensuring collateral transparency

Experts know it’s critical to have confidence in the loan-to-value ratio on every loan. Whether you’re buying, selling, or re-tranching a pool of distressed mortgages, Collateral DNA gives you the security you need, supporting your numbers with a national database of up-to-the minute market-driven stats.

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